athletics and alcohol

Let’s just say the humidity is back with a vengeance. And thank you dew point for being 70. Yesterday’s run was not easy. But it was still a run. Which is better than most things.

I thought it would be fun to talk about my Stich Fix. I had read about it on several blogs, and when Liz told me she uses it, I decided to try it. I am really terrible at dressing myself and I always feel guilty about spending money on clothes. The majority of my clothes are from Target or the clearance rack at Limited. I first signed up for Stich Fix in May, and I was put on a waiting list. My first box came last week, and I subscribed to get them once a month. You pay a $20 styling fee, and receive five items a month. But if you decide to keep something in the box, that $20 goes towards your purchase. You have three days to decide what you are keeping and then you just mail the unwanted items back in an envelope they provide. Easy peasy.


1. White dress- $88

Eh, I didn’t love it, and I don’t do well with white (#messy), and I didn’t feel like the dress did anything for me. Deny.


 2. Maxi dress- $88

I put this on and Tim immediately said “NO.” Once again, I didn’t think it was flattering and did anything for my shape. Maxis are tough for me to pull off, and I felt like it was just clinging to my gut. Deny.


3. Shirt -$64 & 4. Jeans - $78

It’s hard to tell, but the shirt is really baggy and just hung on me like a burlap sack. I loved the jeans though. I don’t have a nice pair of jeans, so even though I cringed at the price ($78!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I though it was about time I upgraded from the Forever 21 ones I bought five years ago. They fit so nicely. Also, I had to cut my face out of this one. It was bad. Deny. Keep.


5. Sweater - $48

At first, I wasn’t sure about this sweater, because of the price ($48), but Tim said he liked it, and then when I texted my mom the pictures, she said “I LOVE that sweater!” so I decided to keep it. It’s super soft and light. I think it’ll be perfect for fall. Keep

I think it’s pretty cool and helpful to the fashionably-challenged. I am definitely going to keep receiving them for a while.

 Is this fun? Should I stop posting photos of myself? Why do you read my blog? Do you like running? Do you think its too hot out? Do you prefer winter? Should I run a fall marathon? Did you see This is 40 because Tim and I watched it on Monday and I thought it was pretty funny? Why do bloggers ask questions at the end of their posts?

Yesterday, I had my follow-up with my GI doctor. We now have the results of all tests, and nothing is coming back positive. He told me I have IBS (DUH.) and to come back in three months. I am so disappointed right now. I haven’t felt right in two years, why does he think I may magically feel better in three months? I just wish someone could help me. I want to feel normal. I don’t want to have near-constant stomach pain and be nervous to go out to eat and be constantly bloated. Ugh.

That put a damper on Monday, but I did get to leave work early, so that was nice.

My friend Jim emailed me this yesterday.


One foot in front of the other, I suppose.


What a great weekend.

On Friday, Tim, Liz and I walked over to Lindsey and Cass’ for happy hour. We hung out there for a while, taking a break to walk over to the food trucks. I was not impressed with the selection, but I was able to deliver Tim pulled pork, so at least he was content. It was good to see everyone and to chill for a bit. I tried the Sam Adams Blueberry Lager, which I enjoyed.  We didn’t stay too late, which my body appreciated.

Saturday, I ran some miles while Tim went fishing. I normally don’t eat before I run and am fine, but I totally boinked on this run. I had to take a break during the later miles to get some fuel. I was struggling. Luckily, the humidity and dew point have remained low, so that’s been very helpful. After I ran, I did my errands and got a trim. As much as it sucks to pay for a haircut every six weeks, my hair looks so much better. It grows so quickly these days.

I felt bad, but I spent the afternoon relaxing, catching up on magazines and just being lazy. I so rarely let myself do that, so it was nice, even if I did feel like “OMG I SHOULD BE PRODUCTIVE!” Tim and I ended up doing the trail race and it WAS SO FUN. As it turns out, Cathy had planned to do it with her stepdaughter, so Liz came too. I LOVED it. It was hard but such a great time. I could not stop smiling. “Can we do this every Saturday?” I asked. Tim said no. We stuck together for the whole four miles, and finished in 39 minutes, which I was proud of. The trail was hard. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night and I just remember feeling so happy. I love running, and I love people who run. One guy had a shirt on that said “I run therefore I am.” I want it!


After the race, we were invited to take a dip in the creek, but it was way too cold. Tim and I said our goodbyes, showered quickly at home and then drove over to the Backyard Bash. My boss had given us tickets, so it was free food and booze for us. It was okay, we didn’t really know anyone, and I had to wait a half hour for pizza, so I was really cranky (I was hungry!). We hung around until 10, then bailed to go make food and watch a movie.

On Sunday, I did some easy miles, then Tim and I went to Costco, where I begrudgingly spent $530 on a new laptop. Groan. But, it’s done. After that, I met Sloane, Nadya and Alissa for some pretzel beers and then spent the evening hanging with my roommate.

I just love running and am so happy to be able to do it. I am sad its Monday.

Good morning, sunshines.

Of course I am in a good mood. It is Friday. My second favorite day of the week, as of 5 p.m.

Last night, I had a kickball game in which we sucked pretty bad and I played pretty terribly. I had forgotten how awful I am at team sports, and this was a friendly reminder. I just lack basic coordination, and kicking, throwing and catching just aren’t things I can do.

Oh well.

Yesterday, I also got my Stitch Fix! I even took pictures of everything I got so I would have something to talk about here next week. I really like the idea since I struggle so much with dressing myself.

Tonight, my friends are hosting a happy hour at their place, so that’s where I will be. It had originally been a Beer Mile, but that was postponed. I was sort of disappointed, because I had so much fun last time we did one, but hopefully it will be rescheduled soon.

Tomorrow, I plan to go for a run, get a haircut and run errands, and then Tim and I are probably going to do a trail “race.” It’s called a race, but it sounds more like a trail fun run, because there isn’t any timing or prizes (minus first place). We both have wanted to get into trail running, so this seems like a great opportunity to check it out. Plus, its at night (6:30), so hopefully it’ll be a little cooler. Actually, the lower humidity and dew point this week have been so awesome, and much appreciated. Anyway,after the run, we have tickets to the Backyard Bash (My boss gave them to me), so we plan to swing by there and have a few beers, eat some pizza. I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Running, pizza and beer!

I am also going to look at laptops this weekend. I plan to just buy an inexpensive one to use for freelance work. As nice as it’s been to use a fancy-pants (ok, not really) Mac, it’s kind of a pain to share a computer.


The last time I set a PR was on January 5, 2013, during an 8K. It was my first-and only- 8K, so I didn’t think much of it. My time, 35:34 was unimpressive to me, and I remember being really annoyed because the course was long. (It was- this was not me just not running the tangents.) Little did I know that would be as fast as I would run for a long time.

About a month later, I began developing terrible cramps in my calves when I ran. And since then, running has been a struggle. Add in the health problems I’ve been experiencing as of late and running is sometimes a struggle.

I didn’t really know what to expect last night. I ran seven miles at lunch and felt okay, not great, not terrible, just a little creaky. I took Tim’s iPod and he has roughly 17 songs on it, only four of which I knew (“Fat-Bottomed Girls,” “Hate Me Now,” “Guerilla Radio,” “Get Lucky”), so I went back to Pandora pretty quickly.

I started to get really nervous after work, I did some hip stretches and then ran an easy two miles to warm up. I made my way to start. I had to wait a while for my heat, but once my age group lined up, I really was regretting signing up. But, too little, too late. As the gun went off, I immediately got passed by a ton of people. In this case, my inability to pick it up quickly eventually helped me. I hit the first quarter-mile in 1:30 and the half in 3 flat. Then, I just focused on passing people, and I was flying past a ton of runners who went out too fast. The thing about the mile is… it hurts and its 100% efforts. I passed the third-quarters sign at 4:37, and I finished in 6:17.9.


A shiny new PR. By nearly 20 seconds.

As I’ve said a million times, the mile is not my strong point. I know a 6:17 is nothing to brag about (and please don’t think I am!), but for me, that’s my fastest mile time ever.

Not two years ago. Not three summers ago. Last night.

And, strangely enough, that was good enough for third place in my age group (the top two were sub-6, so there was clearly a large gap). So, I have a new medal for my collection. Naturally, I missed them calling my name and getting to go get it because I was getting a beer. Gary had to come get me.

Am I back? Nah, not 100% yet. But this was a nice confidence boost that I am hopefully well on my way.

And then I drank 1,000 ciders in the beer tent because that was totally necessary.



I am running the mile tonight simply because I like it after the fact when I am guzzling cheap beer in the beer tent. I am not a sprinter, never have been. I am sure if I added some 200s, 400s and 800s speedwork into my runs, I could probably get a little faster, but I prefer to just run and not think about it. If crossfit endurance still existed, I would be back there in a heartbeat sprinting those loops I have memorized, but alas, I run solo these days. I am happy Liz will be there, and I am sure I will know a few other randoms here and there. It’s not supposed to be too hot, which should be helpful. I just hope I don’t embarrass myself. I ran the same amount of mileage this week as normal and if all goes as planned, I’ll have nine miles done by the time I get to the starting line.


Over the weekend, I started having this problem with my iPod. After about 10 miles on Saturday, suddenly, this woman’s voice started announcing the song I was listening to, the artist and the playlists I have on my iPod. This happened several times in one song. It is seriously the most annoying and frustrating thing ever. I switched to my phone’s Pandora for the rest of the run. Once I got home, I googled the problem and did all the recommendations that other people suggested for the issue. On my trek to/from Philly, it started doing it again randomly even though I wasn’t even touching the iPod. For example, I would listen to four songs with no problems, then all the sudden the woman would come back on and then the song would start skipping around. It is so annoying. Then, on Sunday, it worked fine during my run. I don’t think it did it all.

Yesterday, it. would. not. stop. I reset my iPod. I plugged it into computers. I did anything and everything. I got SO mad, I threw it into the grass and now the off/on button is stuck and IT IS STILL FUCKING ANNOUNCING THE SONGS. I give up. I am SO mad. The good news is that I was so mad, I don’t even remember running. I listened to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Pandora on my phone instead. It was overcast out, but the dew point was very high, so it was very swamp-like. Luckily, the temperatures weren’t too hot, so it wasn’t bad. I just wish MY GODDAMN IPOD WOULD WORK.

I am not having luck with technology lately. That’s a computer, iPod and iPhone in a month. However, the laptop and iPhone were not my fault, and I only threw the iPod because I was at my wits end. I said many curse words. Ugh, so frustrating.

I think I am just going to have to suck it up and buy a cheap laptop and an iPod shuffle this weekend. lol money.

Another day, another dollar. I really need to stop wishing my weeks away for the weekend, but its just… tough.
Unrelated, but I always become nervous when someone tells me “I read your blog.”  I really, really hope they are referring to my posts on SB. My stats are very small, and I try to keep this under wraps because I am certifiably insane. But I do wonder who reads here. I wish people would say hi or something.
Yesterday, after I swam in a cloudy pool for 75 minutes in the morning, the lifeguard informed me there was no chlorine in it. EW, ew, EW. They shut the pool down for the rest of the day, but I felt so gross, like my skin was crawling with……. who knows?  I scrubbed my skin in the shower after. Ew. On the other hand, I went to an awesome spinning class at lunch. Seriously, I love this instructor, the time flies by and I just have a good time. It really doesn’t feel like work, even when I have the resistance cranked up as high as it will go and there is a puddle of sweat around me.
I know people think its weird I work out twice a day most day, but I am so used to it, it seems strange not to. I just like to do it. And if I have to miss, I miss. I couldn’t make it to body pump over lunch on Friday because of my tests, and lo and behold, I survived. As much as I dread the 5 a.m. alarm, I can’t imagine starting my day without a workout, and I honestly have nothing to do over lunch, so that’s how I get it in. True story, in the six years I have lived and worked here, I have never gone out to lunch unless I absolutely had to (i.e. some kind of gathering that I wasn’t able to wriggle out of). I told Tim that and he thought it was very weird. I also think it’s a waste of calories. I’d rather have a big dinner at home with a big mixed drink instead of eating pizza for lunch.

Not gonna lie, I still have not completely figured out the differences  between a Mac and my old laptop (RIP). It can be a tad bit frustrating. I miss you, laptop.

On Friday, I had to go to the hospital for my test. Once I arrived, I realized I was being tested in the pediatrics unit. I was slightly confused by this because surely, I can’t be the only adult with this problem? Regardless, I sat in a waiting room with many, many, many children and their parents and watched Toy Story and Casper and did word puzzles. Every 20 minutes, the nurse would come find me, I’d blow in a tube and that was it. For three hours. I asked if I could run to the gift shop quickly to pick up a magazine and she said no. I usually like doctor’s offices because I can read the last 76 issues of People, so I was quite disgruntled that this place had no reading material.


Devon Sawa? Welllllll, okay then!



Anyway, I became quite cranky by the end of it. I was really hungry and there were so. many. yelling. children. It was actually a relief to go back to the office, where it was quiet and I had food.

After work, Cass, Liz and I walked the two-ish miles to Dockside Willies to meet Sloane for drinks and appetizers. I wore the sandals I had worn to the wedding last weekend, and while they were fine then, they tore up my feet on the walk and I complained a lot, but my toes were bleeding! Ow. Oh, and Liz and I got interviewed by the news on the walk over and we were probably the two most awkward people ever. “UUMMMM!” I got cut, but Liz made the news!

Anyway, we sat outside and it was a nice night, so it was fun to people watch. After, we hung out at my place and watched half of Magic Mike, which was pretty awful, but fun to look at. Maybe we should have muted it?

On Saturday, I got some miles in. My legs felt good, but it was just so humid. I stopped in the Y for some water after about seven miles, and the woman at the front desk (who I am friendly with because, duh!, everyone at the Y is my best friend), said, “JESUS, what happened to you?” I guess I was a little sweaty.

After about 10 miles, I really started to feel terrible. My vision was blurred and I kept seeing black spots. I took a few breaks just to let my heart rate come down, and to, you know, wipe the sweat off my arms with leaves? I was delirious I guess. My clothes were so soaked with sweat, so I had nowhere to wipe the new sweat off. It was rough. I did 13, took a break, and then ran the last four after the store. I just needed a mental break and to cool off. The last four miles felt good though. The heat had creeped up, but the humidity had gone down a little.

After a quick lunch, I hit the road. I really hate driving and Tim drives us everywhere, so it was unhelpful that it completely downpoured for the first 45 minutes of the trip. I mean, everyone was going 40 mph on the turnpike and using flashers. I was so incredibly nervous, but luckily, I made it to my grandma’s safe and sound. It was really good to see her! I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, but we email frequently. She, my uncle and I went to a pizza place for dinner and it was really delicious and just nice to see them and spend time together. As I get older, I am really appreciating time with my family, and would rather spend time with them than elsewhere.

After we said goodbye, I met with Kaylan and we went to the venue to wait for my sister and Kerry.


Kaylan was my first friend here, and although she has since moved to Philly, I think we will always be good friends. Its the type of friendship in which we won’t talk for weeks and it doesn’t matter. She’s just a good person, and I need that in my life. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

Anyway! The show was so much fun!!!


We weren’t that far back, but it was hard to get a good picture with the lights. They were excellent, and they solidified their spot on the list of bands I will continue to pay/travel to to see.  My favorite song they played is a tie between “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” and “70 x 7”. I know those are totally different, but I love the former and it has always a song I can listen to on repeat. The latter was just fun to scream and think back to all the people who I used to think about when I heard that song. “IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL A GETAWAY? TELL ME WHAT YOU GOT AWAY WITH. CAUSE I’VE SEEN MORE SPINE IN JELLYFISH. I’VE SEEN MORE GUTS IN 11-YEAR-OLD KIDS.”

SO fun! And Kaylan and I realized we are old because we left during the last song to beat traffic, but totally worth it to me. I was home, snug in my bed by 1 a.m.

I dragged my very sleepy rear-end out of bed and was on the pavement by 8 a.m. Sunday. It was still humid, but I felt a thousand times better than Saturday. I was listening to Brand New on repeat and loving life and everything about it. I don’t know what pace I am running these days, and some days I care, but yesterday I just ran hard. It could have been 9-minute miles. It could have been 5-minute miles (OK! Probably not!). I ran hard for all those times running sucks and for every good song that came on my iPod. A solid accidental 15 miler.

Then Tim came home from his fishing trip, so we ran some errands and then we looked at bait, which was extremely boring. Why do you fish just to throw them back….? But I guess why do you run in circles for hours for no reason??? can also apply here.

We were both sleepy, so we spent the afternoon watching soccer and relaxing. It was a really good weekend. I am really sad its Monday already.

Yesterday was really rough.
As much as I love all the carbs, only eating roasted potatoes and a bagel yesterday made me so uncomfortably bloated. I had several crying fits because my stomach was so extended, it was painful. For the first time in a while, I sat on a bench and cried during my run. My body just felt so lethargic and heavy. I was exhausted and just wanted to eat normal food and have a diet coke. It’s so crazy how the body adapts. I used to eat cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and something else carby for dinner no problem. Yesterday was seriously miserable. We skipped kickball because Tim had a bad day at work and I was so cranky. I am glad because it ended up pouring. That probably would have made me very angry.
Today, I was up FOUR pounds. That is crazy to me because there is no way I ate more than 1500 calories yesterday (2-3 roasted potatoes with nothing but Pam and salt for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a plain bagel as a snack). I used to subscribe to the ‘calories in, calories out’ belief, but not anymore.
Anyway, it was only a day, and I am still alive. Wish me luck on my tests today.

Tonight, I am heading to happy hour with a few of the girls. It is much-needed after yesterday. Tomorrow, I am hoping to run some miles, then its off to Philly. I am meeting my grandma at her house in the suburbs first so we can get dinner and then i am going to see brand new. I am pretty excited. I’ve seen brand new probably 10 times in my life, and I really enjoy their live show. It’s funny, I really only go see a handful of the same bands (Hanson, Conor Oberst or some form of him, Third Eye Blind, Jarrod Gorbel and Brand New) anymore. My, how the times have changed

This whole not-having-my-own-laptop thing sort of sucks. But, like I said, it lasted me nearly four years, which is longer than I had expected. I just hope I can somehow get some of my music and pictures off of there. Fortunately, I have the bulk of it (i.e. really old pictures) saved to an external hard drive. We may just buy a tablet and then have a tablet and Tim’s laptop and share both. I don’t know, I don’t like making real decisions. I just need something for my freelance work and to read things on the internet.

Today’s the day I am not allowed to eat anything besides white potatoes, bread and water. I am grateful I can eat, but I can tell it’s going to be a long day. I didn’t sleep well last night and could really use some caffeine. And I keep dreaming of the watermelon and almonds and diet coke I usually have for my morning snack. I’m sort of nervous for this test tomorrow. I know it takes 3+ hours, and it’s active, so I won’t be put under (which I prefer honestly). I know I am repeating myself, but I am just tired, really. I am exhausted just thinking of more tests and part of me just doesn’t want to deal anymore with it. But I recognize I can’t live the way I am right now forever because it’s not sustainable and I am in pain/discomfort more than I am not.

I have a kickball game tonight which I totally want to skip. I really just want to go home after work, eat a potato and crawl into bed. Like taking back Sunday once said: “So sick, so sick of being tired. And oh so tired of being sick.”