athletics and alcohol

September 2014 has been quite the month. I set a half marathon PR, turned 29, got engaged and yesterday… I accepted a new job! I start October 13.

I am so excited, but also very nervous. I will be working in communications for a business, and I am so thrilled to be paid for writing. While I will miss people at my current job, everyone was very understanding, with two of my bosses telling me it was time for me to go and do better things. 

Here’s hoping the last stretch of 2014 continues to be full of good changes.

The best part of the weekend was my 15-miler yesterday. I stopped once to fix my bun, and that was it. No more stops for traffic or my stomach or for water or for hitting the wall. It was truly wonderful.

I had my phone in my hand and it accidentally took thisI had my phone in my hand and it accidentally took this

I really love running at home.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was fine. On Friday, Tim and  I did a ton of wedding stuff, which was overwhelming. There were spreadsheets and highlighters involved. AND wine.

On Saturday morning, I had a pretty crummy run. I just hit the wall pretty early and felt really dehydrated/out of it. I think my electrolytes were messed up, but who knows? Not I. I cleaned up, we packed and then we picked up Tim’s mom and made the trek home.

My mom is excitedMy mom is excited

After dropping stuff at my parents, Tim, his mom and I went to look at a venue I thought was the “one”. All was going well until they informed us that we are charged per drink. Sadly, that will not work AT ALL with this group. We are considering getting married in the burg now… I think I will just feel much calmer with a date and venue confirmed. It’s really stressing me out right now. But at the end of the day, as stressed as we both are, and with all the silly little things we are disagreeing on, I am pretty psyched to get married! Real life, like woah… can you believe he wants to put up with my nonsense til I kick the bucket?!

Anyway, Tim, his mom, his sisters and his brother-in-law joined my parents, my grandma, my uncle Patrick and myself for dinner at my parents. It was very nice and I ate so much ziti and candy corn. High mileage is awesome but I am a bottomless pit.

Then, a ton of my family and family friends came over and we all watched the Notre Dame game, but I went to bed in the third quarter and apparently missed a highly inappropriate toast. I was less than happy when my mom’s best friend jumped into my bed at 12:30 a.m.

Luckily, I felt great Sunday, had my awesome run, then we drove back, making a stop at Andy and Sara’s party.

After that, we toasted ourselves for surviving the weekend.


I am not going to discuss my stress levels because yesterday they were through the roof. I cried at my desk while fighting with my mom, so that was awesome. I once again drowned my sorrows in the sauna after work. And not with the heat. And then we went to the bar. Good decisions, as usual. 
Tonight, I have no real plans. I think I will stay in and make pizza and have some ciders. I haven’t watched Breaking Bad in like, a week! I am going through withdrawal. Plus, it’s been a very draining week. I am very tired.
Tomorrow, I hope my body behaves and I can run because I really need it. Then its off to my parents for what I assume will be another stressful dinner. Can’t wait.
Sunday will hopefully consist of a run in my hometown and if everything goes as planned, I will hit  my 2,000 mile of the year. Crazy. Then, its back home with a possible pit stop at a meat party… my favorite! :)

I began today with a nice jog in the rain. I’ve always liked running in the rain, well, when its above 45 degrees that is. I am still in tanks and shorts, but when I come home, I am freezing within three minutes, regardless of precipitation. I then find myself in the hottest shower possible and then I bundle up in sweats and a hoodie. I don’t even know how I convince myself to finally get dressed for work. And today would be the perfect day to crawl back into bed, and spend hours with a book. 

We turned the sauna into a wine closet of sorts and last night, we opened a bottle and tried to talk more logistics, and I still can’t really wrap my head around anything.

I never really know what day it is anymore and I’ve probably been drinking too much but I don’t really care. I had happy hour plans tonight, but they fell through, so I am kind of disappointed. I had planned to do a half marathon on Saturday, but I am so glad that race registration is the ONE thing I procrastinate on, because I think my body needs some time to calm down. 

In good news, my hand is almost completely healed so I don’t look as much like a gang member. It’s the little things.

Yesterday was a bit stressful. I wrote a big long entry last night about it, but I am deleting it, because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where or when we get married, it doesn’t matter that I didn’t get something I thought I would, it doesn’t matter that my shin sometimes hurts when I run, it doesn’t matter what kind of plates we eat off of on Saturday (yes, this was my mom). None of it matters in the grand scheme of things.


Today, I woke up and went for a run and my shin barely twinged and I just let whatever song play on my phone as I trotted along and I just got lost in my own thoughts for a while. It was really nice. Running does cure all.

And I’ve already got my something old and something blue ready…. so really, what is there left to worry about?

Here is an old picture of my 10.5 shoes for reference

Being engaged is pretty awesome, but also pretty exhausting. I am so tired. 

The first question, okay, second question, everyone asks is “When?” (The first question is “What happened to your hand?”)  We’d love to do it next fall, but it really depends on finding a venue and that venue’s availability. Duh. We started working on a guest list because I am terrified of forgetting someone, but we are already at 200+ and that is BARE minimum with mostly family and close friends. My father has yet to see said list and I fear for what he will do.

Anyway, its still fun, just so overwhelming, especially for someone who honestly never really thought about her wedding (aka me).


I went for a run this morning that started shitty and ended wonderfully. As I mentioned, its been an exhausting few days, and I could feel it in my body. My brain felt awake, but my body just felt so sluggish. My shin was still bothering me and I could feel it affecting my stride.

I planned to throw in the towel early and just call it a day, but suddenly, I got a burst of energy, my shin pain disappeared and I felt great. So weird. It’s also 46 degrees out and I am still running in a tank top because I get too hot. I started out in a light long sleeve with a very light tank top underneath and shorts and I stripped down to the tank after the first 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I saw people running in hats and gloves. Maybe this will be the year I make it through pantsless for running.

Um. So. A lot of excitement this weekend.

FIRST. My birthday was awesome. After ducking out of work an hour early, Tim and I drove to Bethlehem and had dinner at Brew Works. I had a sandwich and this delicious concoction. 


And then I saw Third Eye Blind. As usual, they were awesome.


Never Let You Go 
Can You Take Me 
All I Want 
Losing a Whole Year 
I Want You Back 
Water Landing 
Rites of Passage 
Semi-Charmed Life 
Slow Motion 
Deep Inside of You 
How’s It Going to Be

My only complaint is that they didn’t play that long, so that was disappointing. I wanted like four hours of 3EB. However, they were excellent and we were quite close. I would have loved to hear Narcolepsy, Crystal Baller, Motorcycle Driveby, God of Wine and Non-Dairy Creamer. But maybe next time!

As the best co-pilot ever, I fell asleep once we were on the highway, only to wake up when we were seven miles away from home.

Saturday began with a terrible run. My legs were not cooperating and I was just tired. However, I made it through, and then when I got home, Tim proposed?! Oh, ok.

Super helpful  I busted my handSuper helpful I busted my hand

So, yep, we’re engaged? Weird! We spent the day celebrating and calling everyone. It’s very surreal. We were out all day at wineries, then we got drinks at Note, then Suba and finished at Speakeasy with friends. It was a great night.


Shockingly, my body hated me on Sunday and I had another terrible run, but I did see my friend Gary, so that was nice! Then, I went to Tim’s flag football game and we spent the day downtown with friends. It was great.

I convinced myself at 2 a.m. that my shin aches? pain? discomfort? is a stress fracture so I barely slept and spent all night googling it and putting my leg in weird positions. Of course, now it feels fine, but I may throw myself at my orthopedic doctor and beg for a MRI. That will probably go real well, considering this time last year, I thought I had a stress fracture, and made him give me some crazy expensive MRI, in which ink was (PAINFULLY) injected in my hip and I was in an MRI machine for over an hour just to be told, “There is nothing wrong.”

Many lols.

Welp, this is 29. I don’t know how I got this old, but I hope it stops soon. Tim said when he came home late last night, I, half-asleep and totally out of it, started whining, “BUT I DON’T WANT IT TO BE MY BIRTHDAY.” Haha.
Regardless, its here. I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the counter. And I started 29 with a seven-mile run and Pilates. It was very nice. I then opened my gifts from my family. My mom gets me the best presents, she really does. I guess that’s one of the perks of owning a gift shop.
I am SO excited to go see Third Eye Blind tonight. I am even leaving work an hour early, because YOLO. We are planning to grab a bite to eat then head to the show. I can’t wait. I unsuccessfully tweeted at them asking for meet and greets. No luck. Oh well.
Tomorrow, I am hoping my shin cooperates so I can run. I have no idea what I am doing all day because Tim has planned a “surprise” for my birthday. I am honestly in the dark about it. So, I guess we will see?
Sunday is Sunday is Sunday. I may try to extend the celebrations a bit… So, you know :) Maybe 29 won’t be so bad.


That about sums up yesterday. It was a very, very long day. The last thing in the world I felt like doing was getting changed and being social. But I am glad I did. I had a nice time at happy hour and stayed til 7. My family is really annoying me and I don’t think I want to go home next weekend after all. I woke up and thought it was Sunday, which really makes no sense. I went to spinning class this morning because I want to kick off tomorrow with a run and it was a really hard class, but the guy played some country music in between Katy Perry and Sublime. It was strange. I’ve really got nothing, my brain is still fried from yesterday. 

I went a little crazy at the library last time I was there, and checked out a ton of books. In the past few days, I finished The One & Only: A Novel  by Emily Giffin  and Landline by Rainbow Rowell. I know neither are deep or intellectual reads by any means, but I like reading fluff. However, I have to say The One and Only was absolutely terrible. I only continued to read it because I kept thinking it was so ridiculous and unbelievable, it HAD to get better. It did not. It’s unfortunate, because I generally like her books. Landline was a little out there and I definitely rolled my eyes at points, but at the same time, I was very curious to see where the story went. If you can get your hands on it from the library, I think it’s worth it for a mindless read. I also got a James Patterson book because I am an addict, and I don’t care that it’s garbage, I can NEVER EVER figure out the twists, haha. And the books are so easy to read, I finish them very quickly.
Wow, I was very defensive there, wasn’t I? I guess I just feel like Oh GOD, I should be reading smarter books! But, I don’t. I read blogs and I read shitty books, and that’s all I have to say. 
Last night, Tim and I made this gigantic spaghetti squash. They are all the same price at the farmers’ market, so I always get the biggest ones.
I do love spaghetti squash, but it doesn’t fill me up. I always need a few trips to the kitchen for a “snack” after.
I started this morning with a run that felt surprisingly good. My shin still bothers me off and on, but its not painful, just more like a twinge. I hope it goes away soon so I can stop staring at the ceiling and worrying about it. Because that helps.
Tonight, I am swinging by Sara’s happy hour and then probably crawling into bed. I don’t know what’s up, I am just so tired lately, even though I have been getting a solid 8-9 hours of sleep. Must be the old age. I am so happy its Wednesday and we are that much closer to seeing third eye blind.
And I guess I can finally open my birthday presents that have been sitting on my dresser for more than a week? Does anyone else save their presents for their actual birthday? I always do, I think I would be sad to not have anything to open on my actual birthday. It’s weird, because when I was younger, I used to snoop SO bad to try and find gifts. But now? They are just hanging out wrapped until Friday. Thanks Ma.